Year of the Dragon
Go Birds
philadelphia eagles // limited edition game day poster. AD Matthew Schwenk
Shanghai Sonata
university of delaware magazine // based on sean gao's shanghai sonata where jews made new homes in and brought classical music to shanghai in the 1940s AD molly chappelle
Exposure Science & Social Justice
rollins magazine // exposing the exposome AD Linda Dobson
Backyard Bees
washington post // are urban beekeepers making it harder for native bees to thrive? AD Danielle Kunitz
Social Media Black Box
scientific american // social media companies need to give their data to independent researchers to better understand how to keep users safe. AD Michael Mrak
Against All Odds
university of delaware magazine // Afghan women find hope in the freedom to dream of their futures. AD Molly Chappelle
Year of the Rabbit
Caribou and Coffee
university of connecticut magazine // a chance discovery at a coffee shop becomes connecticut's most significant archeological sites. AD Christa Yung
Bereavement Bullying
nbc // Instead of condolences, some people who post about the deaths of loved ones receive hateful and mocking comments. AD Chelsea Stahl
Chef's Fable
eater // blue hill at stone barns' story may have been too good to be true. AD Jesse Sparks
How to be a Better Diner
washington post magazine // a post-covid guide to making better choices as a diner. AD Clare Ramirez
Esports stars have shorter careers than NFL players
the washington post // why esports players retire so early. AD Kat Rudell-Brooks
Covid Test Anxiety & Infertility Trauma
nbc // the testing and the waiting that are doing a number on us. AD Chelsea Stahl
The Cherry Orchard
portland monthly magazine // an arctic reinterpretation of chekhov's cherry orchard. AD Michael Novak
Wellness Real Estate
the new republic // cashing in on pandemic fears. AD Robert Di Leso
The Texas Abortion Law is a Human Rights Crisis
the washington post // uma thurman shares her story. AD Chris Rukan
Image Forensics
the new yorker // elisabeth bik, image detective. AD Sebit Min
I Lost My Father to Cancer & Sister to Vaccine Refusal
the washington post // stacy torres reflects on a new "brand of heartache" AD Chris Rukan
The Curb-cut Effect
the southern poverty law center // centering the needs of underserved people and the broad impact it can have on community, especially in schools AD Michelle Leland
washington post // an FAQ on name, image, and likeness AD Virginia Singarayar
Investigating Congressional Oversight
the american prospect // why congressional hearings are bad and what can be done to make them better AD Jandos Rothstein
Prop 22
vox // the battle for the "gig" economy AD Lavanya Ramanathan
Getting Your Resume Past AI Gatekeepers
new york times // you've sent your resume into the digital abyss. Will a human ever see it? AD Minh Uong
The South's Monuments Will Rise Again
the washington post // when confederate monuments are removed, where do they go? AD Chris Rukan
Managing Up
the new york times // how to impress your manager from home AD Minh Uong
Covid Long-Haulers
nbc news // how doctors are trying to treat covid long haulers AD Chelsea Stahl
Exploring the United States
the washington post // former representative, Donna Edwards set out on a four year RV expedition to understand the other side AD Chris Rukan
Managing Virtual Performance Reviews
the new york times // a guide for managers in assessing 2020 and looking ahead to next year AD Minh Uong
Divorce is Down, Despite Covid-19
the washington post // contra trump, divorce is down as couples emerge from covid crucible AD Chris Rukan
Polyamory in a pandemic
narratively // the pandemic ruined her poly relationship but saved her marriage AD Vinnie Neuberg
The Tyranny of the Pandemic Office
the new republic//Why are workers being called back for nonessential work in the middle of a pandemic? Because their bosses can get away with it. AD Rob Di Leso
Night & Day
when you can't pick a color palette
no justice, no peace
inspired by Téa Obreht's novel, Inland
Meat is not essential
the washington post // exploited workers in meat packing plants are being forced to work during the covid-19 pandemic AD Chris Rukan
sierra magazine AD Jessica Meskus
alan fox
university of delaware magazine // portrait of a professor AD Molly Chappelle
Quarantine Daydream
branching out
polygon // why streamers are leaving twitch
Bates Motel
unmasking sleep
natural food merchandiser magazine // using natural ingredients to aid sleep
census ready
rhode island monthly // is everyone counted in the census?
the benefits of reading literature
purdue alumni magazine // digest a book for better brain health
Fly Eagles Fly: Jets vs Eagles
Limited edition game day poster created for the Philadelphia Eagles
Empty Nester
columbus monthly magazine // a mother coping with her new life as an empty nester
scuba diving in the canary islands
ink global // where to scuba dive in the canary islands
Fossils in the Chihuahua Desert
the texas observer // fossils, identity, and home
the pipeline problem
polygon // how sustainable are esports?
Tuition-Free College Could Cost Less Than You Think
the new york times // tuition free college is a more attainable goal than commonly thought
renting or buying?
baltimore magazine // to rent or to buy your summer home?
Celebrating my (Gay) Divorce
the atlantic // a couple celebrates marriage equality as well as divorce equality
northshore magazine // the essex county creative community
Clean Cut
Times are Hard for Dreamers
Ghost Tracks
notre dame university magazine // the eeriness of Starved Rock State Park
how running saved my life
outside magazine // the story of a runner's endurance
star chef philadelphia
starchef magazine // the cover and interior map for an issue on best chefs and restaurants in Philadelphia
house hunting
milwaukee magazine // searching for homes that may not exist and the city's shortage of ranches
stay out of the forest
a tribute to the podcast, My Favorite Murder, and to remind everyone to SSDGM
Curators vs cancer
uconn health journal // cover, interior, and spot illustration on the doctors and scientists working to curate information through tumor and DNA research to combat cancer
the power of purpose
university of delaware magazine// one woman uses her traumatic past to protect women of the future
books for budding scientists
science magazine // a review of the best science books for children and young adults of 2018
Tampa Bay Times: The History of Drinking Straws
tampa bay times // uncovering the history of straw use in ancient cultures
NC State University Magazine
nc state university magazine // how glacial meltwater is stored and how it contributes to and helps maintain our aquifers and ecosystems
how many scientists does it take to change a lightbulb?
university of delaware magazine // the effects of specific lightbulbs that can help deter disease carrying mosquitos from developing cities
when a stress expert battles mental illness
outside magazine // a performance expert on his experience with anxiety
love, variously
tampa bay times // for the book review section. Each room is representative of the relationship based books reviewed
eventbrite // headers, footers, and spots for philly's new search page
Skype a Scientist
uconn magazine // the scientist who will answer anyone’s question, anywhere in the world AD Christina Yung
summer in Phoenix
the phoenix new times // what to do, eat, drink, what to listen to, and where to keep cool in phoenix in the summer
Village Voice
A piece for the Village Voice about the growing number of tour buses in New York City
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